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Photo Shoot & Product Review - Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve

Product Photo Shoot for Chagrin Valley - 2014

Product Photo Shoot for Chagrin Valley - 2014

Thanks so very much for the great review. It’s clear that you really enjoy and care about your blog and what you put online. It is obviously a nice review of our products, as it is positive and well written, but beyond that, it looks so well put together, great pics and style. We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you put into putting a nice review online and for linking to our Facebook Page. As a family with no ‘budget’ to advertise, we rely on folks like you and sincerely appreciate your continuing support, Sylvia!
— Best wishes from all of us at Chagrin Valley

Photo Shoot & Marketing - Flowers From Fatima

Working with Love Natural Sunshine has been a beautiful success. Featuring my product in the exceptional photoshoot with Love Natural Sunshine has undoubtedly shined a new light on my brand and increased awareness and sales for Flowers From Fatima. I am happy to align myself with professional, trustworthy, and inspiring companies like Love Natural Sunshine.
— Fatima of Flowers From Fatima

Product Photo Shoot for Flowers From Fatima & Uber Boutique - 2012

Flowers From Fatima is BLOSSOMING this month. I’d love to send you more accessories for your future photoshoots. I absolutely love what you do and support your mission 100%! The response was great from your newsletter feature.
— Fatima of Flowers From Fatima