Endangered Species Chocolate, Premium Chocolate for a Good Cause

By Sylvia Burlock Edible Indy Editorial Contributor

Endangered Species Chocolate is on a mission to produce delicious, natural chocolate while raising support for endangered species and habitats. Customers can purchase Endangered Species Chocolate knowing that 10% of net profits will be donated to environmental non-profit groups that assist in wildlife conservation and habitat preservation.

The company’s current partners include the African Wildlife Foundation and The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. Endangered Species Chocolate offers a wide range of selections from natural to certified organic dark chocolate bars that contain between 70-80% of chocolate liquor. Chocolate bars and toffees containing fruits and nuts, like cherries and almonds, are also available. Plus, while customers enjoy their chocolate, they can read about the animals they are supporting—inside the wrapper of each bar.

For more information visit www.chocolatebar.com

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